First reviews about Jolly’s album

First reviews about Jolly’s album

Long years of expectations and finally the album is in my hands!

If you ask me: what is your favorite band and why? My answer is obvious and changeless for many years – Jolly’s Irish Music Band!

For me, Irish music is a whirlwind of emotions: it’s a sense of freedom, flight, but at the same time it’s a spirit of disobedience, struggle, passion, sadness and adventurism.
And if the human soul has a “key” (“tonality”), the sound of which resonates with its state – then my soul sounds with the tunes performed by Jolly’s.

I remember their first concerts, when the band just appeared (with a different name and with different members) – It was like a holiday. It was a feeling, when everything lights up inside and the ribs try to hold the pressure of happiness.
So it still remains to this days!

And yesterday it happened!
20 CD’s of the first album, signed by Nick Mazurenko and guys, are in my hands. In the office, car, at home, now I can hear my favorite music, which helps me to look ahead with confoidence.

First reviews about Jolly’s albumFirst reviews about Jolly’s albumFirst reviews about Jolly’s album


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