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Irish Folk
Odessa (Ukraine)

Group members:
Nick Mazurenko – vocal, guitar, bagpipe, banjo
Valerie Mazurenko – bodhran, whistle
Eugene Falin – fiddle, back vocal
Oleg Belousov – Cello

Jolly’s Band perform celtic folk music.The group was established in 2012.

Genuine folk songs and tunes in a modern reading of Jolly’s are gaining popularity not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world.
Their music creates a merry atmosphere of festivity in any place where “Jolly’s” play.

“Jolly’s” frequently appear in various clubs and pubs throughout the world.
They find more and more admirers in many countries, such as:
Germany, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Georgia, Armenia,Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand, China etc.

Jolly’s travels a lot and they have a big list of interesting tours :
– Tour of 15 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan (2012)
– China tour (2013)
– Four months Tour of Thailand (2015)
– Tours of Russia, Georgia and Armenia
(2014, 2015, 2016)
– Tour of Europe – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium (2016)

Jolly’s performs in various venues from underground bars through to theaters, from little pubs in European tiny villages through to festivals.
They are playing more than 150 concerts per year.

Jolly’s Band have recently recorded one studio album “True Irish Spirit” (2017).
The album includes classical “pub” irish and scottish songs and melodies, as well as their own composition called “Holiday reel”.

In Summer 2018 a new musician joined their band – Oleg Belousov (cello).