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  1. Anna WS (Cork)

    Great craic…. lovely people in the Band, great music! I would recommend them for any event or Fuction…..

  2. Declan (Samui, Thailand)

    a fantastic band and friends forever. they played 5 nights a week for nearly a year in an Irish bar in samui Thailand called the Irish rover. got on great with customers and listened to requests. we had the 1st St Patrick’s day parade on the island and they led the parade in great style and popularity. sadly missed when they left us and the island

  3. Jack Doyle

    I have a Irish bar and food venue in Koh samui thailand Had these guys playing for me for about six months . In 2 words just fab . Would have them back anytime and I do hope they come to Asia again I wish them the best of luck with there future Thanks again guys I’m going to Dublin in May if I can do anything for you guy just let me know . Jack Doyle

  4. Arthur

    Amazing band!!! True spirit of Ireland!!!

  5. Anastasi (Ukraine)

    I first attended the Jolly’s performance last year while celebrating the St. Patrick’s day in an Irish pub. The music was charming, so I have absolutely fallen in love with this band. Furthermore, the sounds filled my boyfriend’s heart as well, so now we are training Irish dancing together. Thank you, Jolly’s, for all the magnificence you create! The Holiday reel makes the cheer for every cloudy day!

  6. Andrey Zyuganov

    I was waiting so long before I finally got this album!
    If I’ll ask about your favourite band and the reasons of your preferences — what would you tell me? Personally fo me this answer is more then just obvious — Jolly’s — Irish music band.
    Irish music for me is а whirlwind of emotions, a sense of freedom, easiness and the same time it’s like a spirit of disobedience and struggle, passion, sadness and adventurism. And if humans soul has its own “tonality”, which melody resonates with its condition — then mine exact sound is performed by Jolly’s.
    My love for irish music has been aroused, probably, due to childhood interest of fantasy and Middle Ages.
    I remember this pleasure when I first visited their concerts when the band was barely appeared(with another name and group members) to the clubs that are already disappeared. It was not just a holiday!
    If You know this feeling – You will understand me. It was like everything inside of you is illuminating and the ribs are trying to hold this pressure of happiness This feeling is still with me.
    And yesterday it’s already happened!
    20 discs with Nick Mazurenko’s signature and beautiful wishes are now in my hands!
    From now I can enjoy of my favourite music anywhere I go : in the office, home, in my car, allowing myself to make a deep breath in and confidently took a look into the future ✨

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